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You must be thinking about doing more writing or journaling to express your heart, finding your voice on your faith journey, and wanting some company -- some community to encourage you.  I have found all this with a community of faith friends, writing together and linking up weekly at Faith Barista on Thursdays.  You don't have to participate every week, but you can receive writing prompts that can help you explore topics of faith.  And you can participate as you feel inspired.

Together, we can share some soul conversation.  It's soothing and comforting -- and energizing to know we're not alone.  So, if you're interested in getting more information and encouragement to express your voice through words, sign up.  This is just an interest list, where I'll send you invitation to join in for your first time linking up at Faith Barista.  You won't be receiving any regular on-going communication.  So you're not on the hook for anything. :)  

So glad you're here,
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