I am so excited to host my first Online Spiritual Whitespace Book Club to launch the new year refreshed!

Just like my Facebook page and you can participate.  Join in anytime!  Catch the details here http://www.faithbarista.com/bookclub

And guess what, I'm inviting you to go deeper with real life conversations.  

Be known. Host a {real life} Whitespace Book Club in your cozy favorite place!

And another guess what, I'm going to launch Whitespace Groups in-real life at my own church at the same time too!  So, we're literally doing alongside each other. :

Let's do this together!  Invite 1-4 friends to meet together in-real-life once a week to read and journey through the book! 

Original Book Club Start Date: January 22, 2015 (you can join anytime. just look for archived posts at faithbarista.com/bookclub)

If you host an in-real-life Spiritual Whitespace Book Club gathering, you'll get some extra goodies:

1.  A Real-live Q&A Skype Session with me.  I'll Skype into one of your gatherings. We'll see each other live and sip decaf or tea together!  I'll do as many as I can.

2. A Special Small Group Discussion Guide with extra, bonus resources/tools to enjoy with your group.  (*Important: You must have a Facebook Account and become a member of the Private Facebook Group in order to receive the Guide because I'll be posting the it in the Private Facebook Group.)

3. Membership in a Private Facebook Group Exclusively for Book Club Host.  I'll add you to a private Facebook Group to offer extra community and support. 

Sign up as a Book Club Host and receive these 3 extra goodies!  You'll get more info once you sign up. 

** Really Important ** No worries if you change your mind!  :)  Feel free to sign up and get more information. 

grace and peace, 


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